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Meet Sarah



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Meet Sarah


How things started

my path to becoming a quantum healing Practitioner came through my own desire to find healing for the lymphoma I was diagnosed with in 2019.  If you would like to watch a short video that explains my path, click here.

What I can do for you as a practitioner

There are more people every day are looking for a way to heal their bodies, to learn how to connect with their higher selves, who want to access their own inner guidance. 


Also, some people are having new gifts and experiences and need help figuring out what is happening and what these new things are.


I can work with you to help you find answers, healing, connections and more. Beyond Quantum Healing sessions are very powerful. I have never found anything that has been more powerful as a healing modality.  

I use my own skills in these sessions as well. I am clairvoyant and an empath, so i often have previews before my sessions that help me to see what may happen. I also am able to see what my clients see and even feel during the session. I am beyond grateful for these gifts, which helps me to navigate my sessions better. 


Hypnosis is not the client coming in and falling asleep. BQH is is a co-creation between practitioner and client. We work closely together to find the answers and healing that you need. 

My clients have healed from emotional, physical and spiritual maladies, obtained answers to their questions, and received answers and suggestions for a more balanced, abundant life.

The non-physical beings we work with can be Higher Selves, Archangels, Guides, Ascended Masters and others.  Every session is different and is what you need at that time. Your Higher Self will always take you to the time and place or the experience that is best for you to see. You may bring questions that you want answered or a goal for the session, and then to allow your higher self to navigate how the session will go. 


Sessions are typically 3.5 hours long, but may run as long as 4 hours. This is a time commitment that shows your intention of evolving, integrating and moving forward in alignment with your Soul's purpose in this life. The success of the session healing is tied to the skill of the practitioner, the connection and trust between the client and practitioner, and the client's belief in the session. Know that you are just as capable as anyone else at being able to access your higher self. We all have the same abilities to do this. Every person talks to their higher self all day anyway; we just don't realize we are doing it. 


Your session experience may come in ideas, knowings, feelings, understandings and possibly visuals. Often, we discover and heal repressed emotions. You may feel the angels working on you, or energy moving through your body. Sometimes, if I am guided, I will bring other healing modalities into the session, such as Reiki, Sound Healing, or Shamanic Practices. BQH can be tailored to each person. I also provide many pre-session prep materials, and videos to help you to prepare to have the best session possible!


I am happy to chat with you or answer any questions you may have. contact me today to talk about and to book your session!

Much love, 




Welcome to my YouTube page! 

You can see some of my BQH sessions here.

You can also Travis and my weekly channelings from the Archangels.

YouTube Videos

7 Ships - A BQH Viking Life and Healing Story

Sarah Webb Quantum Healing with the Angels
7 Ships - A BQH Viking Life and Healing Story
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7 Ships - A BQH Viking Life and Healing Story

7 Ships - A BQH Viking Life and Healing Story

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I Am The Flag - A Magical Healing Journey/BQH Session

I Am The Flag - A Magical Healing Journey/BQH Session

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Quantum Healing with the Angels, The Podcast - How our Show came to be

Quantum Healing with the Angels, The Podcast - How our Show came to be

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Sarah Webb BQH Session 24 - Mysterious being from another planet/Sister Earth #bqh #qhht #hypnosis

Sarah Webb BQH Session 24 - Mysterious being from another planet/Sister Earth #bqh #qhht #hypnosis

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Why BQH?

What is Quantum Hypnosis?


What is the Difference Between BQH and QHHT?



The BQH technique has been called "the best kept secret in spiritual development." It is the continuation of the QHHT method developed by one of the most respected and progressive hypnotherapists and healers, Dolores Cannon.


Beyond Quantum Healing or BQH, was founded by Candace Craw-Goldman, who spent many years assisting Dolores in her work.


While the basis of this practice follows a lot of the QHHT process, Candace Craw-Goldman has updated the method to include a more personalized and flexible approach where all healing modalities can be integrated into the practice.

 BQH is an open, naturally evolving and highly personal consciousness exploration and healing method that encourages practitioners to use all of their skills to help clients. It has no owner or leader. There is no strict script. There are no rigid rules. It is highly adaptive and inclusive. BQH is already being practiced today by thousands of practitioners around the world



  • I have had asthma since birth. Why? Can it be healed?

  • What is the origin of the discomfort in my lower back area, shoulders, neck, etc…? What’s the best way for me to heal this?

  • I am in a new love relationship. Is this person the right one for me?

  • I really dislike my job and would like to quit and find a new one. Should I?

  • Will I meet my soulmate?

  • What does my animal companion want me to know about them?

  • I have a difficult relationship with my sister. Why is this so and can it be resolved?

  • Many years ago I had something strange happen to me (This could be a dream, vision, feeling, or experience). What exactly happened, and why?

  • I have a lifelong interest in (name any subject) - can we explore this in depth?

  • Why am I here? What is my mission in this lifetime?

  • Am I on my right spiritual path?

  • Why do I hear ringing in my ears?

  • Can I meet my spirit guide or guardian angel?

  • Why am I having nightmares?

  • Can I improve my intuitive or psychic skills? How?

  • How can I create more peace or balance or abundance in my life?



Online Services Quantum Healing can be done in the most quantum of ways; using your computer or even smart phone/tablet app! It has always been possible to connect across large distances, and more and more we find that clients are simply more comfortable in their own homes. I prefer online services since many clients all over the world have no means or time to travel or, because of illness or physical limitation, are unable to travel. BQH is safe, and effective and affordable as well.   BQH sessions are recorded for you and delivered to you through email so you can listen to them after the session is over.  This often brings new insights and helps with integrating your healing and consciousness expansion.

Planet and Moon
Space station


The ultimate in Quantum Healing Modalities. Before every session, I spend time getting to know my clients personally, so that by the time we do the session you feel fully comfortable with me. I will also send you some pre-session preparation that is important to watch. I advise my clients to bring around 10-15 questions max, to ask during the part where we talk to the Higher Self, so that we have enough time to see past lives and to ask questions.

Hypnosis is not sleep

Some people think that they will be asleep during the session, but hypnosis is definitely not sleep! You will be awake and aware. Most people feel awake, and just a bit relaxed. I don't know if you have ever

let your worries drift away 

while watching a wonderful movie, or reading a great book, but if you have, you have experienced hypnosis. During those things, you

aren't trying to do anything - you are just allowing yourself to relax and observe what is happening. There is nothing to do or to try to make happen, and that is the same with hypnosis sessions. 

Time can be different while in hypnosis

It is not important

whether you instantly go into deep hypnosis, or

you drop immediately into a clear scene.

Either way, you may notice that time goes more quickly or more slowly during the session. The Quantum Realm has no time!

You may also experience beautiful feelings in your body and mind for weeks after the session.

Another thing I tell my clients is that it is not important whether you envision yourself successfully relaxing and letting go completely - because we all go into hypnotic states every day.

There are a couple of times a day that every person goes into hypnosis - right before we go to bed and right before we wake up.

I don't know if you can remember that time, when we let go of our worries and problems and begin to drift off and begin to see pictures and shapes, but it is not important, since it is something we all do naturally. 


To do a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, you should have listened to or watched some sessions, to understand how they work. THIS is a great session to watch to get a feel for Quantum Healing Hypnosis.


Above all, BQH Sessions are very powerful, immersive, and can be life changing!  A recording of the session will be emailed to you after it is over.  $444 USD


During this 10-15 minute session, I will channel Light Language, while also using sound instruments such as crystal singing bowls, zaphir chimes, and tuning forks. Light Language is the ancient language that we all know but have forgotten. It is a powerhouse method of healing. It works by bypassing the ego mind and transmitting the healing codes directly to you. As well, sound healing is very powerful in healing the body. You should be open to energy healing and believe that it will work. (however, sometimes I've done these without people knowing and they feel the healing anyway).


Using this new healing method (the Light Language activated during one of my BQH Sessions), I can send powerful healing transmissions very quickly and without needing a lot of preparation. I have heard amazing feedback from my clients that I will share here on the website soon. I am so excited to be able to offer these sessions. ​ $50.00 - 10-15 minutes


Heart To Heart Awakened Healing is a healing modaliity that came from exploring various ways of healing others. This is an hour and a half session of both healing, exploration and finding answers to questions while awake. There is a trance involved however, but this trance is an altered state that happens when you are awake. I have had people say they feel a bit giddy, or a bit dizzy - like being awake and aware yet in a relaxed, altered state where obtaining information is still possible, without a deep trance state. It will involve light language, exploration of your questions and more. Your are always connected to your Higher Self and your guides and angels. The HS doesn't recede or go away. You can receive direct communication from that higher aspect of themselves.​We will ask questions and find out what you are able to sense and know and will work on activating your own spiritual abilities! $150.00 USD


Quantum Connect- (QC) is a quick – 45 minute, no trance method where the QC practitioner uses brief exercises with their client so as they can directly experience guidance or wisdom from their expanded consciousness. The primary goal of a QC session is to demonstrate, in a very quick and direct way, that your client are always connected to their Higher Selves (HS). Their HS doesn't recede or go away and they don't necessarily need a trance state to receive direct communication from that higher aspect of themselves.​We will not ask questions of the Higher Self during this time, but we will observe what comes up as well as any symbolic answers that may help the client in their everyday life. This may be a is a good way to find out if a BQH Session is right for you!​ $25.00 USD, 45 minutes



Some of the most common questions and comments people tell me are things like, "how can I get answer from my guides?, "I'm too anxious to go into hypnosis", or even, "I tried hypnosis, but I was fully awake the entire time".


 Sometimes, people need a little bit of training before they go into a full Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. This training is one one one training that I will do with you to assist you in preparing for a BQH session. You can also use the skills you learn, to meditate, to go into trance on your own, or to connect with your Higher Self and get your own answers.


If you are preparing for a BQH session, you'll know that you are already connected to your guides and Higher Self, and you will feel confident that you will go into trance/hypnosis easily when you do your session. You can also use these skills to talk with your Higher Self or Guides anytime you want!


Depending on how you feel and your past experiences, we may practice things like learning to meditate, learning how to still your mind, channeling exercises, visual meditation, etc.


Each session will be 45 minutes. You may only need one session, or you may need more practice; each person is different, but most people will umderstand how to go into hypnosis after one session. 45 minutes, USD $25.00

***  If you book a Connection Training and BQH session together, I will take 10% off your BQH session. If you already have a 10% discount code for the BQH session, I wilI discount this training to $15. I want my clients to have successful BQH sessions, so it is worth helping you to practice in this way.



This is a session where we spend about an hour together, talking about your life, your goals and your greatest needs at this time. After the session, I will create a Guided Meditation Recording, personalized to your needs, to listen to any time you wish (however, make you you are at home and not driving or operating any heavy machinery when you listen!).


I will channel the frequencies for your intention into your meditation recording, so that the more you listen, the more you integrate these frequencies. This could be for things such as reducing anxiety, better sleep, letting go and healing from your past, connecting with your guides, integrating positive patterns of thinking, or just bringing in more light to your body and mind. 1 hour, $45.00 USD

If you would like Healing at the time of the session as well as the personalized meditation recording (as above) the cost will be $80.00 USD.  (1 hour coaching, about 10-15 minutes for the healing part, and then your channeled meditation recording that I will create after the session is over.)



This is a Healing Session that I do remotely for you, with the Angels and your Higher Self Assisting. We will simply remove any cords, attachments, or implants, then bring in white light protection and place that around you. Then the Angels will scan your body and do any work that is needed to help remove pain and start healing. In these sessions, I have felt them do things like re-wiring the brain, changing pain receptors and healing the chakras, and adding light into your body and mind. Light is naturally healing; that is why the more we hold, the better and happier we feel.


This session does not take very long at all but is very effective. You must be open to energy healing, willing to believe it will work, and it will. During these sessions, I usually see and feel what you are feeling and I help to remove and transmute the pain as if I was there with you (in a way, I am, it is like a waking Astral Travel session for me) and then I send love and light to you. 


I am using a dragon photo because in the last one of these I did, a beautiful pastel dragon assisted with helping my client to feel better. It was very special to us both.


This is a fast boost of healing and negative energy/entity removal to your body without any preparation or work on your end. $50.00 USD

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