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Meet Sarah





I am Sarah Webb, a multi-dimensional healer and intuitive guide, specializing in Quantum Healing and other transformative healing modalities.

As a clairvoyant, trance channel, and psychic empath, I bring a unique blend of intuitive insight and healing energy to my work.  

Connect with past lives.

Receive higher guidance.

Gain clarity in your life.

Discover the root cause.

Release the past.

and more.


My voyage to becoming a healer came from my own awakening path and a diagnosis of cancer, in 2019. In my search for a way to self-heal, I discovered Beyond Quantum Healing, or BQH. BQH is a healing modality that connects a client with their Higher Self or subconscious mind, in order to gain healing, insight, and guidance, as well as answers to life's questions. I decided to become a BQH practitioner, and my healing work has grown from there. I work with my husband Travis, a talented trance channel who channels the Angels. We also run a successful photography business, focusing mainly on architectural photography. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis &
Archangel Channeling Videos

Welcome to my YouTube page! 

You can see some of my BQH sessions here.

You can also Travis and my weekly channelings from the Archangels.

YouTube Videos

Three Alien Civilizations - a Quantum Tour of the Universe

Sarah Webb Quantum Healing with the Angels
Three Alien Civilizations - a Quantum Tour of the Universe
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Three Alien Civilizations - a Quantum Tour of the Universe

Three Alien Civilizations - a Quantum Tour of the Universe

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7 Ships - A BQH Viking Life and Healing Story

7 Ships - A BQH Viking Life and Healing Story

Play Video
I Am The Flag - A Magical Healing Journey/BQH Session

I Am The Flag - A Magical Healing Journey/BQH Session

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Quantum Healing with the Angels, The Podcast - How our Show came to be

Quantum Healing with the Angels, The Podcast - How our Show came to be

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Alara's Imaginarium

In a metaphorical sense, the quantum realm could be described as an "imaginarium." The quantum realm, which encompasses the subatomic scale of particles and their interactions, operates according to principles that often defy our everyday intuition and perception of reality. In this realm, phenomena such as superposition, entanglement, and wave-particle duality challenge conventional understanding.

Just as an imaginarium is a space for imaginative exploration and creativity, the quantum realm is a space where the boundaries of classical physics blur, allowing for the emergence of novel and sometimes fantastical possibilities. It's a realm where the imagination of scientists and thinkers is pushed to its limits to conceptualize and understand the strange behaviors of quantum entities.

So, while the quantum realm is a very real and scientifically studied aspect of our universe, likening it to an "imaginarium" can help convey its mysterious and mind-bending nature.

Purchase Alara's Imaginarium Recordings

Click the teal button below to connect to our External Store to purchase recordings while we are under a little construction here on the site (we appreciate your patience while we grow!!)


These are Light Language recordings, Exclusive Content, Guided Meditations & More.

As well, watch for announcements about live Channeling Events with the Angels!

Quantum Healing can be done in the most quantum of ways; using your computer or even smart phone/tablet app! It has always been possible to connect across large distances, and more and more we find that clients are simply more comfortable in their own homes. I prefer online services since many clients all over the world have no means or time to travel or, because of illness or physical limitation, are unable to travel. BQH is safe, and effective and affordable as well.  

BQH sessions are recorded for you and delivered to you through email so you can listen to them after the session is over.  This often brings new insights and helps with integrating your healing and consciousness expansion.

Planet and Moon
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The ultimate in Quantum Healing Modalities. 

This is a one-on-one full Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session. This session is approximately 3 - 4 hours and will be conducted via Zoom.

BQH is Quantum Hypnosis that is flexible; the practitioner can add in any skills or abilities to enhance the healing of the session. These sessions can be done for exploration, for healing, or both. They are the ultimate in healing sessions and are for those who want a major life change. 


For the Light Language portion, you can choose between just Sarah, or Sarah and Travis channeling Light Language together (which is not times two, but exponentially more powerful - a super dose of healing energy!) 

Also, you may choose whether or not you would like me to accompany you in the session (I can go into hypnosis with you).

A recording of the session will be emailed to you after it is over.  

$440 USD

with tandem Light Language - $480 USD



Heart To Heart Awakened Healing is a healing modaliity that came from exploring various ways of healing others. This is an hour and a half session that is very similar to a BQH session but done in an awakened trance state. We will do healing, and up to 6 questions to the Higher Self. For a little more, you can add in time to explore a past life.


I have had people say they feel a bit giddy, or a bit dizzy - like being awake and aware yet in a relaxed, altered state where obtaining information is still possible, without a deep trance state.


This session will involve light language and exploration of your questions. What we can fit into the session depends on the time you choose. You may bring up to 6 questions and we will ask in priority to see what we can fit into the time you've chosen.


Your are always connected to your Higher Self and your guides and angels. The Higher Self doesn't recede or go away. You can receive direct communication from that higher aspect of themselves.​We will ask questions and find out what you are able to sense and know and will work on activating your own spiritual abilities!

Healing, 6 Questions - 1 hour - $155 USD

Healing, 6 Questions, Past Life Exploration - 1.5 hours - $222 USD

Healing, 12 Questions, Past Life Exploration - 2 hours - $333




During this 15 minute session, I will channel Light Language, along with playing music or playing singing bowls. Light Language is the ancient language that we all know but have forgotten. What most people do not know is that it is a powerhouse method of healing. It works by bypassing the ego mind and transmitting the healing codes directly to you. 

Travis and I have seen the Light from these sessions. It looks like the flashing that comes from diamonds facets. This was something that we and our client saw - and then the Angels shared the name, Diamond Light Sound. These sessions bring Light directly to your Light body for instant healing and breaking down of past blockages and releasing painful memories and looping thoughts.

Diamond Light Language helps with everything and I find it is helpful for breaking through internal blocks to prepare a person for a session in the future.

15 Minutes of Light Language with Sarah only - $50.00

15 minutes of Tandem Light Language with Sarah & Travis together - $100

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Quantum Connect- (QC) is a quick – 45 minute, no trance method where the QC practitioner uses brief exercises with their client so as they can directly experience guidance or wisdom from their expanded consciousness. The primary goal of a QC session is to demonstrate, in a very quick and direct way, that your client are always connected to their Higher Selves (HS). Their HS doesn't recede or go away and they don't necessarily need a trance state to receive direct communication from that higher aspect of themselves. We will not ask questions of the Higher Self during this time, but we will observe what comes up as well as any symbolic answers that may help the client in their everyday life. This may be a is a good way to find out if a BQH Session is right for you!​ 

$25.00 USD

Nicole Saunders
February 2024

"My session with Sarah was amazing! I was able to explore past relationships and experience forgiveness in a way I've never accessed before. It was so therapeutic and helpful. Sarah also has a healing gift which is self evident when you have a session with her. I came out of my session feeling noticeably different, energized, and refreshed. The session was a catalyst to many synchronicities coming together in the days that followed, as well as a series of powerful, symbolic, lucid dreams. The best way I can describe it is that I felt like I had "leveled up" into the next stage of my healing journey after my session with Sarah. She is a gifted, talented, and empathetic practitioner who truly cares about bringing healing into the world. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is ready to HEAL in their life! Thank you, Sarah!"

Dianne Barrett

February 2024

"I am absolutely blown away with the results of my session with Sarah. It was not what I expected but what was exactly what I needed and I think the equivalent of thousands of therapy sessions. I did not go back further than the womb but instead had a step through all my childhood, some of which I didn't remember until I watched the video back! Within 2 days, my joy had come back and my pain had gone! I realize now that all of those stored memories were what was making me ill. I've stopped taking my medication for a neurological disease, and daily my forgetfulness is disappearing.
I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough, she truly does connect not only with Spirit and the Angels but with your higher self!
The money spent on neurologist appointments and therapy sessions I have paid for over the years even would outweigh the cost of one session by thousands! Therapy never helped me because most of the deep things were never touched upon because I didn't even know they was there!
I can't thank you enough Sarah, you have given me my life back! x x xo"

April Merritt

February 2024

"Sarah Webb very well may have saved my life.🙏 Definitely my sanity. Before my session with her I felt completely disconnected to Source and was experiencing so much anxiety and deep depression that I felt hopeless and trapped in a nightmare. I know God led me to her. I asked the Universe for help and she helped me through Sarah Webb. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to be hypnotized and Sarah used a method I didn't even know was possible, and got answers for me without me having to go under. An angelic loophole! 😂✨️ During the session, and especially while she was speaking light language to me, I felt the pain leaving my body and was left feeling floaty and wonderful. I had no idea things like this were even possible without even being face to face. More people need to know about this, everyone should try it at least once! I have recommended her to everyone I know, I just wish more people were open minded to this sort of service. I think the problem is most people just aren't aware it exists! The fact that she is as humble as she is talented makes her even more amazing. I gave her 5 stars but she deserves a THOUSAND.⭐️✨️ I wish I would have found her a long time ago, but I am so grateful I have. If you're looking for a sign, here it is. You WILL NOT regret it. 👌💝💝💝💝💝"
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