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I created this blog to share with others that there is more to life than what we have been taught.


What we are experiencing in this place we call earth is a game, an exercise of learning in form. our true reality is that we are beautiful and powerful light beings. we come from the light. we are here having an experience playing in form. This is like a story or a play that we both create (before we come here) and then actually star in. 

this blog is for those who want to remember who they really are and where they come from. 


we are on a journey to transcend this physical existence by awakening. awakening is a journey of remembering who we are, remembering the past lives we have lived and also what we did while we were in the light. 


we are learning the secrets of how to manipulate energy, how to manifest, how to raise our vibration and to find clarity, happiness and connection with source, our guides, angels and our higher selves. we are seeking true happiness and abundance.


we are here to awaken. 

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Planet and Moon
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These are a new creation! I recently learned that I was able to take myself into my own BQH session, where I am both the practitioner and the client.

Because I will literally be in hypnosis with you, you will sense me with you and should see/sense me there as well. If you feel as if you cannot see, I can help you to find your way. I will be right there with you, and will be able to help, since I am clairvoyant and can see what my clients see in their sessions. 

So this is essentially the same as a BQH session, but with me there accompany you. Also, I now add in 15 minutes of Light Language to all of my hypnosis sessions. It is so powerful as a healing aid and helps to begin healing and relaxing the body before we go into hypnosis.


For the Light Language portion, you can choose between just Sarah, or Sarah and Travis channeling Light Language together (which is not times two, but exponentially more powerful - a super dose of healing energy!) 

A recording of the session will be emailed to you afterwards.  

$444 USD

with tandem Light Language - $488 USD

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