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Questions about types of sessions? I offer free 15 minute consultations. Please contact me here to set up a time to talk about what is happening in your life, and how I can help you. 

Due to new growth within our company, new projects and endeavors, and high demand for our services, our schedule is now quickly filling up, and availability for our appointments is becoming more restricted than it has been in the past.

Because of this, we would encourage you to contact us directly (through the form below) to discuss your needs as well as scheduling options. Providing personalized care to each client is important to us and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to facilitate your healing session!

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Planet and Moon
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These are a new creation! I recently learned that I was able to take myself into my own BQH session, where I am both the practitioner and the client.

Because I will literally be in hypnosis with you, you will sense me with you and should see/sense me there as well. If you feel as if you cannot see, I can help you to find your way. I will be right there with you, and will be able to help, since I am clairvoyant and can see what my clients see in their sessions. 

So this is essentially the same as a BQH session, but with me there accompany you. Also, I now add in 15 minutes of Light Language to all of my hypnosis sessions. It is so powerful as a healing aid and helps to begin healing and relaxing the body before we go into hypnosis.


For the Light Language portion, you can choose between just Sarah, or Sarah and Travis channeling Light Language together (which is not times two, but exponentially more powerful - a super dose of healing energy!) 

A recording of the session will be emailed to you afterwards.  

$444 USD

with tandem Light Language - $488 USD

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