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A conversation with Archangel Ariel on Self-Healing

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

This is an almost word for word conversation that I had with Archangel Ariel, through Travis, when I was practicing BQH sessions with him. We recorded this on my phone. This was before we started making recordings for YouTube. I also transcribed it.

I thought I would blog this one because sometimes it helps me to read what they tell me, rather than to just listen to it. Something about reading the words helps me to remember them. It is like being given a blueprint for healing.

Regression with Travis - Archangel Ariel

Me: Hello Archangel Ariel. Thank you for coming today.

Me: I didn't call you in. Did you come to assist?

AAA: Yes.

Me: I haven’t spoken to you before. I know that you're an Archangel. Can you tell me more about your purpose? What you do?

AAA: My purpose is to help with anything that I can. I am always around.

I know everything that is happening to your and your family. I know what you are trying to do. It is not very hard. It seems like it sometimes, but is really not. It Is all in your mind. I know everything that is going on. I know that you and your family will be very very


AAA: I also know that you are in a very, very - lot of pain.

ME: (unable to hear): What did you say? Pain?

AAA: You have a lot of pain, and it doesn't seem like it but you are being healed. I know it hurts really really badly. But what I want you to know is that you are being healed. There are some dark energies on your world and they are trying to stop everyone.

AAA: The negative energies really do not like you because they know what you're trying to do.

Your husband hurts sometimes, but he has the gift of just totally ignoring it and it goes away.

AAA: Do you ever notice when you touch him, he has an energy?

ME: Oh yes. I can feel it. It's beautiful.

AAA: I can actually show you right now. We usually don't do this.

ME: Okay.

AAA: Can you take Travis’ hand?

Me: Yes (taking his hand).

AAA: I just shot some light energy through his hand. So through his hand to your hand, it will go into you, which is actually healing you right now.

Me: Thank you.

AAA. These sessions that you do are very powerful. They really are. You will be healed.

I know it's hard to believe. But what we really want you to know is you have all the power. I know the pain hurts really really bad but you can beat it because we know you can.

Me: Yes.

AAA: We want you to beat that negative energy down.

AAA: They try to put things in your head. They want you to see other people doing good, and they want you to be like them. And that is not the way it's supposed to be.

Everyone has their own agenda, their own way of living. Just because everyone looks happy…. sometimes they are not. Unfortunately, some people are lying.

And in this day of age, with all of the things that people have resources to watch now, it's easy to believe everything you see.

ME: Yes.

AAA: Unfortunately, we have some that are not who they say they are. But you have a gift of telling which ones are the true light beings.

We do believe in you. You will do what you want to do. It may seem hard, but it all it is, is the negative entities that we are always fighting, always putting little things in your head to doubt yourself.

And I say it again. You will be healed. You are holding his hand and I am constantly pushing light through his hand to heal you.

ME (emotional): Thank you.

AAA: Do you feel any different right now?

Me: I felt different when we started the session.

AAA: Yes, the session, these sessions are full of light. But I can tell you a little secret.

The session never has to end. You can be doing a session without so-called being in a session. If you keep this energy all the time, like you are in a session all the time, then that will heal you.

You see, people have been programmed not to believe that they could heal themselves. Humans literally can heal themselves. But they've been programmed that they can not, all for money and power. If people really thought about how history works, if they really think, there were no hospitals 2000 years ago.

AAA: So how did those people live? How did they heal themselves?

AAA: There were no so-called medications then except natural ones from leaves, and they had to make them themselves. But, they didn't even need those earlier in life. Because the way humans were created, they could heal themselves. They never really ever really got sick. So they really didn't have to heal anything until the negative energies came and started implementing diseases.

Everything here is planted here by design from powers that like control. They always wanted to control. The only way you can control people is to handicap them. If you handicap them and they feel like they are useless, then they would need to find someone that can fix them.

And that's when the control starts.

AAA: Millions of years ago, this planet was literally a heaven on Earth. Nobody got sick. Everyone had the same things and were happy...until the evil ones came and started implementing little things to create control…so they can feel needed.

I know that you are going to be happy. I know that everything will be fine. The light is with you. You are very powerful. I really want you to know that. I am always with you and your husband. Nothing is as bad as it seems.

Me: So I am not dying, or, my liver is not failing or my kidneys failing or something like that?

AAA: Your body organs are being targeted.

ME: Yes.

AAA: So the thing you need to do no matter what, and I know it seems cliche, but I'm telling you, do not let the negative energy beat you down.

They always want you to compare yourself with other people and make you feel down on yourself. Human bodies are hard to keep healthy, because of all of the negative energy. But you can do it - only if you believe in the light. They really try to twist the knife and make you feel “less than”.

Me: Do I have any attachments of dark entities?

AAA: No. But they can still take little jabs. They take little jabs at you, that's what they're doing.

Me: Are you doing a sort of surrogate session for me right now? Is Travis standing in for me? He’s moving a lot. (At this time I did not yet understand how surrogate sessions worked).

AAA: Travis is in the background. He is in a stasis.

Me: I see.

AAA: We put our light beings in a stasis, so we can come in. Sometimes it's hard to come in and speak. We Archangels are the only ones that have the power to speak through humans.

Me: (a little surprised at this): You are the only ones?

AAA: Yes. When people leave the human body, after their life is over, they cannot jump into other humans and speak. Only we do.

Me: (trying to understand this): Are channelers not real, then?

AAA: When you channel, you can give the deceased (a way) to speak. They have a different way of doing it. We have the supreme power to do it. Like, if one of your family members, say, if you wanted to speak to someone in your family that is over here with us, we speak for them. So, it (channeling) is not really a lie. but it's really us speaking for them.

AAA: Human bodies are hard to maintain.

Me: I’m not sure what to eat. I don’t know what to eat. (I have had a very hard time thinking of things I can eat that won’t hurt my stomach or make me feel sick).

AAA: Well, I can tell you what to eat.

AAA: The one thing you really should never eat is a lot of is SALT.

Me: I have heard this from Travis before, in his first regression. (this was done by a different hypnosis practitioner, about two years ago.)

AAA: Salt. You really don't need salt because there are other spices that are healthier that you can use.

ME: I know that sugar bothers me, but salt…I never thought of salt as being so bad.

AAA: The better salt is sea salt.

Me: Okay.

AAA: But the manufacturers salt is not good for you. Salt is probably what is making your stomach and your liver area and maybe your kidneys are kind of acting up a little bit.

Me: Yes. I think so.

AAA: Don’t, don't get any more salt. Just get spices. At least for 3 months. If you if you can stay away from salt for three months, you will feel a whole lot better.

AAA: And as far as food, you can eat…like fish...but If you don’t want to eat meat…

Me: I don’t really want to eat meat, really…

AAA: I know a lot of humans… (don’t want to eat meat) ….unfortunately that’s the way the circle of life is on your planet. A lot of people come back as some of those animals that get killed for nutrition. But they actually pick that before they go down there.

Me: So will I be punished if I eat meat? (I didn’t believe that, but I wanted to ask this question).

AAA: No. But for you, right now, I would stick….stay stay away from rich foods, rich and creamy foods for right now, and stay away from salt. The salt is the main thing. So you can eat….spinach, is a good one. Of course, most of the vegetables are good. And you you can eat some meat but only at a decent portion, maybe just a little bit but not like giant steaks.

Me: Some vegetables hurt my stomach.

AAA: Spinach would not hurt your stomach.

Me: What should I eat for say, breakfast?

AAA: Eggs are good.

Me: Eggs are okay?

AAA: Eggs, rice is really good. Some bread is good. Mostly, wheat bread, though.

Me: Okay, I can do that.

AAA: Those are the things you need to eat. But definitely stay away from the processed foods, because they are putting stuff in the processed food.

Me: Now, I have tried transmuting those things out of the processed foods. Is that working? Or, is that possible?

AAA: Yes. Actually it is. When you get the food it is almost like praying, but if you transmute it out…

Me: Right.

AAA: Humans have more power than they think. They can do that. But even that, I wouldn't eat too many processed foods. I would stick to like, natural foods. Cauliflower is a good one. Apples, bananas, are really really good. That's a good fruit, or a superfruit, they call it.

Me: Is cereal very bad?

AAA: Just the grainy cereals are good. Wheat. Oatmeal. But stay away from the sugary ones. Sugary foods are bad, but all the ones that are kind of like wheat, those are the good ones. The grainy cereals. And, cinnamon is a good spice.

Most people don't think so. But cinnamon is a really healthy spice. So if you had some bread, any kind of bread and put cinnamon on it, that's really good. I know. It doesn't sound like it, but it's really good.

Me: Okay. That’s okay. Should I put butter on it, or does it need to be plain?

AAA: A little tiny bit is okay….it has to be unsalted butter though.

Me: (further surprised): Unsalted butter. Okay. So, I should really truly, completely wipe out the salt.

AAA: Yes.

Me: Okay. Thank you.

AAA: At least for three months, or until you don't feel anything, because the salt gives the negative energies more power.

Me: Why is that?

AAA: The salt is a crystal. But, the salt crystals are different. They have, they have….a negative energy. The reason why salt is bad, is because it’s just a good insulator for the negative energies to get into the body. They use that as fuel to get into anyone to make them feel bad.

Me: How do they do that? Can you explain?

AAA: It's like a magnet. It's like an insulator. It's like fuel, it’s fuel for them because if nobody eats that much salt then they can't, they can't do anything.

Me: So are they in the salt?

AAA: No. No. They use the salt as a way to get in. Salt makes people feel bad. If you feel bad, it’s negative energy, so they can get into your body and do stuff to you. Basically any kind of negative energy will make people easy for the negative beings to get in. The religious people call them demons, but we just call them negative energies.

Me: Okay. May I ask you some questions while I have you here?

AAA: Yes.

Me: So have I spent I most of my time… in the light?

AAA: Yes. And then you chose some lives. And then you go back up here.

(I laugh)

AAA: And then, it’s back and forth.

Me: You make it sound very easy.

AAA: It is that easy. That's one handicap about the human brain. Humans overthink a lot, when it's really not that complicated. It's really that easy.

Me: Someone said to me that, maybe you're an Indigo child, and I thought, I’ve read so many different opinions on who is what these days, that I'm not even sure what that means anymore, really.

AAA: Indigo child, what they call down there, are basically people that were born in a certain time, earth time, to get ready for the flash. So, in reality, you and your husband are Indigo children compared to Earth things, but you are really light beings. That’s just what it is.

AAA: The best thing to do when doing these light sessions or even anything that has to do with light, is not to overthink. So like I said before, when it comes to what you do, a lot of people that do what you do, really, really overthink too much. And then when they pass and they come up here, they feel kind of silly - like, “What was I?…why did I?…it wasn't even that hard!” And we just kind of all just laugh because it's really not that hard. It's really not.

Me: Okay, thank you.

Me: Is there a way I clear my mind to where I am connecting more to the light, to make it stronger?

AAA: Yes, actually, a really simple way is to meditate. When you meditate, you literally think of the brightest light that you can see. Just a super bright light and just make your mind totally empty and blank. Don't even think about anything. When you meditate, you’re not even supposed to be thinking. When you meditate, your mind is supposed to be clear. You think of a really bright light, you might fall asleep, but you will think about good things, and you’ll learn things. And you might even be able to talk…to me. (Laughs)

(**I think what AA Ariel was referring to was that I needed to do more traditional meditation. I did guided meditations but not a lot of regular meditation or clearing of my mind. It helped me to hear this direct guidance.)

Me: Yes, I would like to be able to connect better.

AAA: That's how your husband does it. He meditates all the time. It might seems like he's really quiet but he's literally meditating. And just thinking of nothing, literally nothing. So his mind is clear. So, when you meditate, just think of Quiet, and the Light.

AAA: Every now and then you can think of like, wind blowing and that's pretty good. Or, or, water flowing, is good too. So just think of light, water, and air. Those are the three good things because they are calming. And you will feel better and be able to talk to even your Higher Self.

AAA: And here's another trick: when you think you're talking to yourself, you are not. That's your Higher Self talking to you in your voice. It might even sound like it is your voice. So some people think they're talking to themselves, but they are not, they are talking to their Higher Selves. But, the negative energies also figured out how to speak in your voice.

So, the first thing that’s negative that pops into your head and it sounds like your voice, that is not a Light Being. You’ve got to automatically push them away.

Me: Yes, sometimes they do that to me. I won't immediately realize that it is happening, but then suddenly I’ll understand that my thoughts are not coming from me. And then I’ll have to get rid of those thoughts, or call for help in getting rid of those thoughts.

AAA: Any negative energy will try to get in there and give you negative stuff. So anytime anything negative pops up… let’s say that they give you a sharp pain and you’re hurting, and then you start feeling sorry for yourself, and then this, this, this…..that's them messing with you.

AAA: And then a lot of humans down there, because of the stupid television (this was said very strongly and with emphasis, and they always say it in that way) they have down there, making everybody think they should look a certain way, and they think just because they gained weight, or they don't look like they used to, that they…

Me: I just feel better about myself when I can take care of my body. And, we also like to create, so we like to create at least, a pleasant looking physical form.

AAA: Yes, I totally understand what you're saying.

Me: But, it seems the people that are in the light all the time look more youthful. Is that correct?

AAA: Yes. Do you know anyone that seems like they're that way.?

Me: Yes!

AAA: That's because they figured it out. They listened to what we said. They probably didn’t look that way all of the time, but they figured it out. They just said, okay, I’m just going to be happy, no matter what I look like. And I'll just do a little bit of time until it gets to the point where the whole package is good. It's not hard, really. You just have to do one thing at a time. And it will work.

Me: It has been…(I stop.)

…I am sorry to… you've given me so much good information. I don't want to complain. I only want to explain. I think that you already know this.

It’s because, it’s, I feel like, I've been waiting for so long, since I first got sick. And I…maybe what you did today, will manifes into wellness that I can see. Something that is tangible that I can notice, see, and feel, and know. Because sometimes, we need that. We need to see that it's working.

AAA: Yes. I can understand that. But I can also tell you right now that I can still feel, and see, the doubt in you. You really really have to believe in the light. You can't have any doubts at all. And I know that sounds cliche, but that's the only way it's going to work.

Me: It is a challenge to have no doubt at all.

AAA: When you have a doubt, you automatically have to switch it on to, no doubt. But if you stay in doubt, then it's not going to work.

Me: Yes. I remember Metatron said it could happen.

AAA: It can happen, it definitely can happen. But I can tell you this, it will happen. Yes, it will happen.

AAA: Another thing, you only have so much time on Earth. You really don't want to spend it being miserable. You really don’t.

Me: NO! I don’t!

AAA: Then don’t do it. Don't do it. It's just that simple.

AAA: I know it hurts. I know it really, really hurts. But when it's hurting, when you feel the pain, what you have to realize is it's them trying to mess with you and they’re using your body. And sometimes it goes away when you think of the light completely. But when it doesn’t, it’s because they know they can keep twisting it and twisting it.

Me: Yes. I’ve tried thinking of things, like dragons circling me and breathing fire from Source onto me, and just all kinds of things to get my mind to connect to Source.

AAA (gently): Think of US, touching that area and healing you, and it should make the pain go down. We are there, but you have to ask us to do it.

Me: Okay.

AAA: It's just like in the movies. A vampire can’t come into your house until you say he can come in. So it's the same as us. So, if you start hurting and you call me to touch that area, sometimes it takes a minute. But it will subside if you really picture me touching those areas and giving you a Super Light Boost.

Me: Are you a Healing Angel? Or are all the Angels Healing Angels?

AAA: All us are Healing Angels, but you are healing also. You can heal yourself. Actually you don't really need me to help, you can actually heal yourself. And the way you heal yourself is to think about the Light when you're hurting. I know it's hard. The only way you can trick it is to kind of play mind tricks on yourself. When you feel the hurt, picture it as light healing yourself, and it will work.

Me: Like the person who said, “Every time I drink poison, my body thrives and becomes healthier”?

AAA: Yes, exactly. Picture the pain as healing yourself and not hurting you. And once you do that, then that will make the negative energies angry because that's what they don't want you to do, they want you to think you're about to die.

Me: Yes, I had been wondering…(I had been feeling like that) …I think going through that diagnosis I had, it feels like a trauma. And I want to erase it from my mind. I wish I could. Because before that, I was not so afraid. I did not have as much fear.

AAA: What we want you to do, is just think about the light. You cannot have any doubts in your mind because if you do, it is just going to backfire. You’ve got to think about light all the time. There’s no such things as “what if”, because “what if” is negative.

Me: So why did you come through today, may I ask?

AAA: Your husband wanted me to come in today.

Me: Okay. I know you are on Travis’ team, but you are not on my team, are you?

AAA: We on everybody's team. You can call me also.

Me: I see. I just remember Travis’ Higher Self explaining which Angels were on Travis’ team and which were on my team.

AAA: Yes. But those are the ones that are around you most of the time.

Me: Oh, I understand.

AAA: See, that's one of those things that's also that's a problem with the human. They think everything has to be in a certain place and that's not necessarily true.

Me: You're all here, right?

AAA: Yes.

Me: Okay.

AAA: You have to think bigger, you have to think bigger.

Me: So I can, I can, as I meditate, I can access you and even talk to you?

AAA: Yes.

Me: And perhaps even see you?

AAA: Yes.

AAA: And that's all you have to do.

AAA: It doesn’t always happen quickly. It's not like the movies, when we say something, and then boom. When we tell you something, mostly you are doing all of the work. We don't do anything. We give you the information.

AAA: We can heal you. But the only way we can heal you is if you believe in us. Because I told you that you can picture me healing you when you hurt. But if you don't believe what I say, then I won't be there.

Me: But if I believe that, then you WILL be there.

AAA: Yes. If you feel your pain go away, when you think about me or even Michael, Metatron, anybody, you can call in any of them, your pain will go away. But if you still hurting, or you’re thinking about it, that means you’re thinking more about the pain than you’re thinking about us who are trying to help you.

AAA: And even if something’s going wrong in your life that you don’t like, and someone’s doing something that you don’t like, you can’t be mad at them because it’s negative energy. You basically just have to work with them. But, if you don’t feel like working with them, just let that go. But you can't get mad because getting mad is negative energy and it just throws off the whole thing.

Me: Yeah, I try to think that way about _______ (a situation in my life)

AAA: Everyone are light beings. Some people just don't know that they're light beings. And if they don’t know, you can’t (force them into understanding).

Me: How is Travis doing?

AAA: I think it may be time to conclude.

Me: Yes, I think so too. Thank you for answering all of my questions.

And thank you for sending me the power through his hands to my body.

AAA: No, I thank you. And please don't hesitate to call on us. We are always there. And please, please, please stay with the light. We really want you to stay with the light.

Me: Is there anything I can do to protect myself? So that they can't see me or hear me or find me to pick on me?

AAA: No.

Me: Nothing? I can’t put a dome over myself or something?

AAA: No. The light is your dome.

AAA: They pick at everyone. The light is your dome. You cannot feel helpless because that's negative energy. You have to believe that you are a strong light being like I told you you were. If you believe that and they can't touch you. Do you believe that you are a powerful being?

Me: Yes.

AAA: Stay with that and don't overthink things. It is good to be curious. But if you overthink things, it will just screw it up. Especially on your planet, because there is a lot of misinformation out there.

Me: Well, I thank you so much, I am giving you a big big hug in my mind. And I will bring Travis back now.

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