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BQH Session - Coming out of the Blackness

My client has been struggling with a blackness that has been following her from life to life, during her past life regressions. She has seen other practitioners and healers, and this has shown up in all of her sessions.

In our first session together, she started to see little snippets of what seems like her past lives, but there was a blackness that was following her. It would get in the way and obstruct her view or remove the scene altogether. We worked to figure out what this blackness was. She said it did not feel scary, she wasn't scared of it, but it was not letting her see. This was of course, very frustrating. She also said it had been affecting her meditation as well.

During that first session, we started to make headway and she began to be able to see, but it had been two hours, and she and I were both tired, so I brought her out of hypnosis and we decided to resume the session another day.

Today, we resumed the regression, but this time, things were completely different. She landed again in blackness. But this time, the blackness was different. She said this blackness was infused with a beautiful brilliant purple color, a color of purple she had never seen before. I asked her to describe as much as she could, and she said it was "like a lava lamp", with the purple color moving and swirling in the blackness. I asked her if the blackness had a texture and she touched it and said that it felt smooth. She said it was not frightening. She felt safe in it. It wrapped around her like a "cocoon", she said. I asked her if it had a smell, and she said it smelled like flowers! She remembered then that this is a place she goes to when she feels upset and needs to feel comforted and safe.

Then she found herself going through a few different experiences. She saw a "ringed" tunnel that looked "like a slinky". We moved through it to the other side. She came out in a place where there was a large, very bright light, shaped like a cross. She moved quickly through different experiences, some seemingly symbolic, some deep and profound. She went briefly into a a past life, and quickly back out. When she left, she came back into a blackness once more. She was content floating in it. It was the same as earlier in the session, but this time she got the word "velvety". It enveloped her and she felt safe. She wanted to stay in the blackness.

After some time floating in the comforting blackness, we talked about the healing we had intended for her during this session, and suddenly, she found herself in the Healing Temple. She described it as round, with a rotunda on the top. There was multicolored glass on the top, so the light shone through the glass. There were white columns. Everything was white except the floor, she saw the floor as black, with pink streaks in it that were part of the floor. I asked her what it felt like in this place and she described it was very "still and serene". I asked her to look at herself to see if she had a form or a body. She did, and she saw herself as a woman wearing a long white robe, "the kind you might see angels wearing". I asked if anyone else was there. There was a man there who she has seen before in her meditations, he was wearing the same type of white robe. His hair was short, and very white. This was one of her guides. He helped to answer some of our questions. We asked if he could help us with healing.

At that point, to our surprise, Jesus (Yeshua) appeared before her. I asked her to describe him for me. She said he had a white-golden light that was so bright! She said he was the most beautiful man, that his eyes were brown, and that they were so full of love. She said she was so loved. She was having a hard time even describing what she was feeling - she said it was indescribable! She could feel his powerful energy, and it came as waves, waves of energy, emanating from him and moving through her.

I didn't dare move her! I wanted her stay there and soak in all of all of this incredible experience. I asked if she was receiving any messages or thoughts from him, and she said yes. She said that the words "Christ Consciousness" appeared in her mind. I asked if he was removing the other blackness from her past sessions, and she told me that he said, "The third time's a charm!" She said that he smiled and laughed, and that he had a wonderful sense of humor.

Then she said that this was when she realized that even at the times in her life when she had felt alone, she had never ever truly been alone. She started to become emotional, and tears started flowing. (In BQH sessions, tears are a good thing, they are a form of release). I was maintaining but I was quite emotional from this as well. I could also feel this energy and love.

As this was happening and when this loving energy was coming in waves from Jesus to this sweet lady, it started raining in my area. It picked up so suddenly - from nothing at all - to a BIG storm. Out of nowhere, the wind started suddenly blowing - and then, suddenly, rain started pouring! It was blowing, and pouring rain, at the same time this powerful energy was emanating from Jesus to my client. We stayed there with Jesus for probably 5-10 minutes, and then he suddenly faded away. And at the moment he left, the storm and wind in my area just suddenly stopped, settled and was gone, and all was quiet outside. As quickly as it had come in, it left. You really cannot make this stuff up.

This was obviously the highlight of the session. But, we wanted to make sure that we had done everything we needed to do during the session. We asked if the darkness from before had been cleared. This is when my client felt her mind or her consciousness expand. She was told she would "continue on her journey" and she felt that more would be revealed in the future. And then we ended the session.

I was so happy that the session went in this direction today. It was so powerful. The "yucky" feeling that my client had felt in the morning was gone after the session. I also felt a shift in my own energy.

The photo I posted is what my client sent me tonight. She said this is the closest to how Jesus/Yeshua really looked. She said he looked different than the pictures we have of him.

I hope you enjoyed this. I cannot recommend doing these sessions enough. They truly can be life changing. I love doing this work. Please let me know if you would like to schedule a session with me.



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These are a new creation! I recently learned that I was able to take myself into my own BQH session, where I am both the practitioner and the client.

Because I will literally be in hypnosis with you, you will sense me with you and should see/sense me there as well. If you feel as if you cannot see, I can help you to find your way. I will be right there with you, and will be able to help, since I am clairvoyant and can see what my clients see in their sessions. 

So this is essentially the same as a BQH session, but with me there accompany you. Also, I now add in 15 minutes of Light Language to all of my hypnosis sessions. It is so powerful as a healing aid and helps to begin healing and relaxing the body before we go into hypnosis.


For the Light Language portion, you can choose between just Sarah, or Sarah and Travis channeling Light Language together (which is not times two, but exponentially more powerful - a super dose of healing energy!) 

A recording of the session will be emailed to you afterwards.  

$444 USD

with tandem Light Language - $488 USD

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