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Everything is going to be okay

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

This is a post that I made in a Facebook spiritual awakening group. I don't claim to know everything about awakening, but I do know some things. I know a lot of what I know because of our talks with the Archangels. I had studied before that, and like many people I felt fear and worry about the state of the world. I have also had problems with people close to me suddenly acting differently toward me. I have experienced health problems and money problems. I think I am probably like most people - my life has been far from perfect. I got well over a hundred responses to my post, with some additional requests to share it somewhere that people could keep it - so after considering that I decided to share it here.

I have changed a few words so it will make sense as a blog post.

It is true that we are beginning to discover that many things we thought were true are not. This is sometimes very shocking to us. We find it upsetting and sometimes disruptive to our lives. That is what happened to me. I really did not know quite how to handle the information. I felt like I wanted everyone to wake up and to understand what was really happening and I felt like it was my duty or job to make them wake up to what was happening. I also felt scared and worried. I didn't know how or if we would fight those who were doing things to cause problems for the world. I assumed this would become a war, or worse. I watched the news and read things in the media and became very depressed.

I asked over and over - how do I handle this? What is the right way to deal with knowing these things? Finally the answers came. Below is a kind of summary of what I have learned so far.

I know that learning that we have been lied to is upsetting. But that is not being awakened. That is a catalyst to awakening, it is not being awakened. We have no ability to fight the things happening in the same way you would fight a war in this 3D world. This is a spiritual awakening. People are missing the word SPIRITUAL, it is as if they don’t even see that word.

Being awakened is not about knowing that the history of the world is a lie. Being awakened is being enlightened spiritually. Being awakened is understanding that this is all an illusion, a game. You have likely lived hundreds or even thousands of lives in form, but you are ultimately a light being - a powerful light being. You are already an ascended master, because time does not exist outside of this 3D construct, it does not exist on the other side, the spirit side. Being awakened is a spiritual thing, not a 3D world thing. It is about understanding that indeed you cannot fight all of this in a physical way, you must transcend it in a spiritual way. You have abilities - turn them on. Mediate. Pray. Talk to your guides. Talk to God/Source. Awaken your spiritual abilities. I know it is scary. I know it takes being very brave. But you are a powerful powerful light being and you have that power inside you. If you have your abilities on, use them. If not, turn them on, it will help bring light into your life, it will help you to be happy despite what is happening in the world.

What is happening right now is illusion. We are living in an illusion. We are light beings having a human experience.

If you look up Dolores Cannon and her book the Three Waves of Volunteers, that would help you to understand what is going on. We are in an illusion. We come here to learn. We are preparing for all of this (this game we play) to wind up. We are preparing for the flash/shift/wave. There is a flash/shift/wave (all the same thing) that is coming that will change the earth; a wave of light from Source that will hit the earth and that will cover it in the form of a wave. This will change the earth and will rid the earth of the dense negative energies that it holds. This is always emphasized when we speak to the Archangels. They want us to prepare for that. To explain all of that would take a long time; so if you want to learn more about the flash/wave/shift, listen to our videos where we talk to the Archangels - the first one is below.

We are all needed to prepare for this flash that is coming. That does not mean that we should be frightened, it just means to be aware it is coming - and even excited about it! Yes, the world is in chaos, but it is not going to be destroyed. It has been through this cycle before and it has been destroyed in the past, or most of humanity has been. I am talking about Atlantis and Lemuria and perhaps other times that I do not even know about. I am told that this time, things are different, that though we were definitely headed once again for destruction, Source decided to do something different this time. Rather than wipe out the earth again, the Light/Flash/Wave is coming. They are all the same thing.

As far as the world goes, and the dark feelings and people who are so unhappy, it is a test. Can you hold on while things play out? Do you have control of your happiness? Or are you going to let other people influence you to the point that you have a breakdown? It is your choice. That is what the negative energies want, so when you are sad, they are thrilled. You play right into their game. You are allowing your happiness to be determined by them. I hate making them happy, I hate letting them determine my happiness. That is who I fight - the negative energies.

Nothing bad is going to happen to you because nothing bad can happen to you. You are eternal. Even death is just a transition to a beautiful plane, back to our home. But that is not what anyone should be focused on. They should be focused on who they really are, why they are here, what their purpose is, awakening their spiritual abilities and transcending the nonsense illusion going on around them. You have so many people helping you - God/Source, your spirit guides, your angels, your ancestors all waiting to help you. All the time!

There is so much good that is coming. I know it is hard to see it. If you wake up spiritually you will start to see it. You are important. You are loved. EVERY SINGLE PERSON is SO important and SO needed and SO loved. Every person is so so important. You are here for a reason. YOU are special. It is okay to let out the frustration and pain; we all get tired and we are working on letting go of things, so it is necessary to let go of some things, and even to cry. Sometimes tears are cathartic and healing. But worrying or allowing despair to come in and stay, that is different. Feeling sad about the state of the world or worried about what might happen does not help, it only lowers your vibration and makes you miserable. Do not dwell in that mindset. Do not let your mind spin out of control.

Do not allow that! Do not allow the illusion to tell you that we will not be okay. Everything will be okay. I know it is almost impossible to see it…yes things are very crazy on the planet - so know it in your heart. It is all going to be okay. Even if things seem like they have gone bonkers, it will be okay. If things get weirder than they are now, remember that you are in an illusion, and listen to your guidance and you will be okay. Listen to the voice inside you that is your Higher Self, the voice that tells you that you are truly loved, that you are important, and everything will be okay. Learn to find that voice and to listen to it, learn to discern between those two voices in your head, your Higher Self, and the Negative Energies always telling you to feel bad and worry and to feel sad about the state of the world.

We all have days where we feel bad, I get that. I understand and I have so much compassion for that, and for anyone who is suffering. I cannot help but feel love in my heart for those who are suffering. But we have to be strong and not let all of this madness overtake us…to fall into despair and especially fear - fear is the ultimate manipulation. It only exists here, in this school, in this pretend reality. It doesn't exist outside of here, it is not real. Our destiny is to transcend fear. I want everyone to understand this. 💜 I want everyone to be happy, I feel this so so deeply. It is possible to be happy, even here. Connect to Source. Open your mind and your abilities. Talk to your guides and I guarantee you they will talk back. And if anyone wants a friend, I am happy to be one. 💕🙏

Much love 💜💜💜


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Planet and Moon
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